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Protect Your Investment

Many home and business owners may wonder if HVAC preventative maintenance is worth the time and money. Similar to motor vehicles, HVAC systems need regular tune-ups in order to operate at an optimal performance level. While preventive maintenance benefits the system directly, having repairs performed by trained professionals also benefits you.

You can extend the useful life of your air conditioner when you invest in preventative maintenance. Most systems last between 10 and 12 years. Preventative maintenance can extend this life to around 20 years. Additionally, keeping up with preventative maintenance will decrease the need for constant or regular repairs for your HVAC system. Paying one annual maintenance fee is far less expensive than having to pay for a new system and the installation fees associated with your new unit.

More Information
Preventative maintenance can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, meaning that you are likely to see lower utility bills. Dirty and damaged cooling systems often have to strain themselves in order to cool the air to your desired temperature. Having to remove moisture from the air could add additional stress to your air conditioner as well. A clean, maintained unit is easily able to maintain the proper temperature and humidity without strain. With preventative maintenance, you will remain comfortable in your space for a fraction of the price. Contact Yazd Mechanical, Inc. for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Preventive Maintenance Performance

1. Check cooling/heating system for proper operation

2. Change/clean customer provided air filter as needed

3. Inspect general condition

4. Tighten electrical connections at equipment

5. Check refrigerant operating pressure

6. Check compressor function

7. Check outdoor coil (coil cleaning not included)

8. Check indoor coil (coil cleaning not included)

9. Clean condensation drain line

Addition services for Gas Furnace only:

10. Test gas valve operation
11. Test combustion draft motors
12. Check pilot and burner assembly
13. Check connection of vent pipe at furnace 14. Clean Blower motor
14. Clean flame sensor

Yazd Mechanical’s terms and conditions :

Yazd Mechanical shall not be responsible for pre-existing defects and design flaw and ductwork system, airflow, balancing, cleaning ductwork, cleaning of flues or performance in maintenance design conditions and mechanical failure of the equipment.

All service will performed during regular working hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Yazd Mechanical will offer a %10 discount on any additional services or parts required beyond the preventative maintenance during the agreement period.