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An air handler, or an air handling unit, is a machine that regulates and circulates air around indoor spaces. Most heat pump systems work with the use of an air handler. An air handler has three parts, an air filter, a blower, and most importantly, a coil. As the heating system runs, a refrigerant called Freon moves through the coil and, depending on your heating or cooling needs, either transfers heat to the air or removes heat from the air. A blower then pushes the heated or cooled air through the air ducts and into the house where it circulates and changes the ambient air temperature. Air handlers also have a secondary heat that can act as another heat source should the main heat pump fail.

Types of Air Handlers

There are a few different types of air handlers available for purchase depending on your particular wants and needs from your heating and cooling system. The three most common types of air handlers are:

  • Single speed- These types of air handlers have a motor and a fan and only operate at one continuous speed.
  • Five speed- This air handler operates at five different speeds in order to push the air around your home more accurately, quietly, and efficiently.
  • Variable speed- This type of air handler operates at different and precise speeds in order to ensure the quality of the indoor air, even if the air quality outdoors is compromised.

How to Know When Your Air Handler Needs Replaced

Similar to other mechanical household appliances, air handlers are subject to worn parts, broken parts, or overall old age. If you have noticed a change in your home temperature or humidity, it may be a sign that your handler needs to be replaced. Yazd Mechanical knows how hard it can be to go without proper home heating and cooling. If you have an issue with your temperature system, contact our experts right away.

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