Air Conditioning Repair Sterling VA

The experts at Yazd Mechanical provide air conditioning repair services in and around Sterling, VA. We are a family-owned company with well-trained technicians that are ready to help you with any AC or heating repairs and installations. In addition, we are proud to say that we are able to perform installations and repairs on all air conditioning and cooling system models and units.

If you would like to know more about what our company can do to help you, contact us at (703) 981-0055. We are happy to help you with any problem you may have and answer any questions that may arise. For your air conditioning repair needs, choose the trusted leader in Northern Virginia, Yazd Mechanical. We look forward to hearing from you and are ready to work for you.

How to Know if Your AC Unit Needs to Be Repaired

When your air conditioning unit is on, do you feel the cool air? Is there condensation around your air conditioning unit? If you are experiencing these issues you may need to have your unit repaired. Repairs can be tricky the longer you wait. If you notice that your air conditioning is functioning abnormally or not at its full capacity you may want to call a maintenance worker to fix it. The most common problems that people report with their air conditioning units are:

  • Leaking refrigerants- If you notice that your home feels warmer when the air conditioning turns on, it may be a sign that your refrigerant is leaking. Fixing this problem will allow the refrigerant to cool down the air.
  • Problems with evaporator coils- If your evaporator coil is dirty, damage, or detached it could cause consistency issues with your air conditioning unit.

If you think that your air conditioning unit may need to be repaired, contact Yazd Mechanical for more information about your air conditioning unit and what’s going on with it. Our technicians will provide a quick and accurate diagnosis of your HVAC or air conditioning-related problems and provide you with a list of options for your case. We always deliver high-quality customer service at competitive prices.

How to Know if Your AC Unit Needs to be Replaced

Air conditioning units unfortunately don’t last forever. The typical lifespan for an AC unit is around 15 years with proper care and maintenance. If your air conditioning unit is older than 15 years and you’ve been noticing that your system isn’t working flawlessly after countless repairs, it may need to be replaced. You may also need a full unit replacement if your air conditioning unit isn’t improperly sized for your home.

How We Can Help

If you notice an issue with your air conditioning unit, call the experts at Yazd Mechanical to diagnose and fix the problem. Some of our air conditioning services include:

  • Energy Saving Central Air Conditioning Repair and Installation
  • Installation and Repair of Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Energy Saving Programmable Thermostats – System Installation and Replacement
  • Freon Leak Detection and Repair
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Expert Troubleshooting and Diagnosis for Warm and Cool Air Flow
  • Complete Sheet Metal Fabrication and Duct Installation
  • Installation and Repair of Standard, Medium or High Capacity Air Filter Systems
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts to protect your investment

Protect your investment with a Service Contract

We offer bi-annual service contracts to check for problems, ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is running efficiently, and protect your unit’s longevity. Service contracts are available on all makes and models of heating and air conditioning equipment.

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